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The Graduate School of Economics aims to foster those who can deal competently with economic trends drawing on analytical skills and adaptability rooted in specialized knowledge and an international perspective. Students in the Master's degree program start with the common curriculum and go on to choose one of four specialized courses, which are aimed respectively at training scholars, focusing on the Japanese economy and quantitative analysis, comparing international and historical systems, and preparing for certification examinations.
Two things that distinguish our school from others are our specialties in the research fields and our separate admissions system for students with work experience. In addition to the standard research fields commonly observed in many graduate schools of economics, such as Economic Theory, Economic History, and Econometrics, we are especially advanced in the fields of applied economics such as Environmental Economics, Cultural Economics, Public Economics, Political Economy, and so on. As for our admissions system, we welcome mature students and value them for their enthusiasm and experience as well as new four-year graduates or master degree holders. The admission procedure for mature students reflects this admission policy. In particular, our Doctoral degree program has a special course for mature students who have sufficient work and research experience and wish to obtain a doctoral degree relatively in short period.

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