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We cannot discuss the economy without taking into account scientific and economic development. Further, in order to build a prosperous society, a cultural perspective is also essential. The Faculty of Economics is offering its own Science and Technology and Culture and Society courses to meet these needs, and lecturers include engineers on the cutting edge of their fields. Through these subjects, students are trained to consider the fulfillment of humankind from the perspective of environment and culture.

Training Future Leaders in Logical and Analytical Thinking Skills

Issues related to the pension system, medical services, and the increasing number of part-time workers are caused by multiple factors that are not easy to reconcile. The Faculty of Economics trains students to identify solutions to these problems by analyzing them from the perspectives of theory, policy and history. In doing so, it aims to imbue its students with an economic point of view, logical and analytical thinking, and IT skills. The Faculty of Economics equips future leaders with a wide range of knowledge and foresight.

Various Study Options Designed to Enhance Student Potential

The minor system is available for those who are also interested in other areas of study in addition to economics. Under this system, students may take a designated set of subjects offered in other faculties, and those who successfully complete them receive an official certificate. Highly motivated undergraduate students with excellent academic records who have fulfilled the criteria set by the Faculty of Economics may register for common graduate-level subjects offered at the graduate school in their fourth year. This is a great opportunity for undergraduate students to experience more advanced education at an early stage.

Leading Research on Environmental Economics

The faculty is also committed to research on interdisciplinary economics-related topics. Our institution is currently engaged in outstanding research in areas such as environmental issues, nursing care and welfare services, cultural policy, and volunteer activities. In particular, Doshisha boasts several leading researchers in the area of environmental economics.

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